GSO Seeking Representatives

If you are interested in volunteering for any of the following positions please contact Allison Gremba at

A&S GSO Vice President The Vice-President shall perform all duties of the President in the absence of that officer. The Vice-President will serve as Chair of Grad Expo committee and may take a co-chair if interested student volunteers.

Arts & Sciences Council The Council meets monthly to discuss academic issues across the Arts & Sciences.

Arts & Sciences Graduate Council The A&S Graduate Council discusses any school-wide Teaching Assistant issues and reviews two graduate department TA programs yearly.

Arts & Sciences Planning and Budget Committee The council meets monthly to discuss issues related to University financial matters and strategic development.

Who We Are

The Dietrich School of Arts & Sciences Graduate Student Organization (A&S-GSO) is an official university student organization that advocates the interests and concerns of the graduate students of the Arts & Sciences. The GSO provides the primary avenue of communications between graduate students and the administration as well as other university entities. The A&S-GSO is also responsible for dispersing 50% of the student activity fees that A&S graduate students pay each semester.

With the activity fees we sponsor events such as the trivia nights and the Grad Expo. We also provide travel grants to support students presenting research at conferences. This year we will again be honoring outstanding graduate student teaching by presenting six graduate students with the Elizabeth Baranger Excellence in Teaching Awards.

Getting Involved

Any A&S graduate student is welcome to attend and participate in any of the monthly meetings of the A&S-GSO, but only a department's official representative may cast a vote at such a meeting. The departments choose their own representatives according to whatever method they think is appropriate.

The A&S-GSO also elects its own officers and representatives to various other university organizations. These elections take place in the Spring term and are open to any A&S graduate student. Your department representative will be able to give you more information or you can contact us.